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Learning music privately gives us the possibility to offer tailor-made programs that suit an individual's specific learning requirements. Whether you are looking to do music for leisure or to achieve graded certificates we can follow your needs and make sure you achieve your goals and objectives. We ensure that all lessons are recorded with detailed progress notes in addition to plans and objectives for every term to identify any alternative requirements or goals to keep communication going well with either parents or students.

We offer lessons for all ages usually when a child is able to read or identify the alphabet around 6 years old and above.



We offer Free Assessments for music and dance, usually 30 minutes, to understand which instrument may be more suitable for new learners, in addition to a basic ear and aural tests to identify ones musical capabilities. For dance we check their flexibility and previous exercises and dance routines if any. For students that have done prior lessons we would need to check their previous books and work that has been done to identify any learning challenges or gaps and make a plan forward. So please do bring your previous material and instrument to the assessment where possible.

We always welcome and recommend that Parents/ Guardians are in the room for children 16 years old and below. For children 12 and below we recommend that they join all lessons in the first few months until they are settled with their lessons and teacher, this can then be reduced 2 joining a few sessions in a month.

Private lessons


Opening Timings
Sunday - Thursday 10:00am-9.00pm
Saturday 10:00am-6:00pm

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