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Classic Music & Arts was established in 2007 due to overwhelming demand for music schools in Oman. Our parent company, Tunes Trading & Services (Tunes Oman) is the first leading music retail and events rental company in Oman. Founded in 1991, by Zak Pachiyannakis, Tunes Oman is now the largest importer of musical instruments with four retail locations and two music institutes.

We focus on spreading music to children and adults while providing a fun yet professional learning environment. Today our music schools enroll over 800 students annually ranging in age from 15 months old to over 60 years. We offer a comprehensive, hands on approach using techniques such as voice, sound, rhythmic activities, instrumental instruction, games, and music theory. Our curriculum is carefully tailored to provide appropriate and unique learning materials for every student.

Our faculty includes highly qualified instructors with extensive experience in teaching and performance. Their education credentials include Bachelor Degrees, Masters and a Doctorate. New students are provided with an introductory assessment to evaluate their needs, identify their preferred instrument, and create a suitable and individualized program.

We are an approved examination center of the Trinity College of London, providing an internationally accredited and formal assessment process. We continue to develop our programs and supporting materials to offer the best and most flexible opportunities in music education.

Our school is a community of educators who are dedicated to redefining performing arts education in Oman with a commitment to delivering unparalleled learning experiences and advanced knowledge through a structured educational system that prioritizes student growth. We have a well-rounded group of performing arts educators, each one specializing in a different technique, genre, teaching pace, age group, and experience.

Our community is devoted to making performing arts education accessible to people of all ages, cultures, and backgrounds. As the premiere music and dance institute in Dubai, we have performing arts courses designed to introduce students to the most basic tenets of the arts.

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