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Terms and Conditions


Refund/Missed /Cancellation Policy

1. Fees once paid will not be refunded under any circumstances. Hence parents and students are requested to plan

their schedules accordingly.

2. All discounted classes (except Gold packages) are not eligible for make-ups, refunds, and transfers to other clients.

3. If a regular class is missed, then this will be charged and not compensated. Any missed lessons must be made up

within the same week upon providing a medical certificate or else they will be lost and charged.

4. Payment for each lesson cycle (basic, silver or gold packages) will be due before you begin lessons for that cycle. If

payment is not made in advance for a lesson, then the class will not be booked or reserved. The time slot may have

been given to someone else, please ensure to pay prior to avoid these errors.

5. When traveling, one must pay for the month in advance for when they return if they wish to keep the time slot. If

traveling more than a month the time slot will be released.

6. Students that attend group sessions will be charged for any missed lessons even if sick and will not be compensated.

However, they will be offered to join another session if the class is repeated in the weekly schedule.

7. Students who are sick will not be charged if supporting documents are provided.

8. Pre-arranged Absences (4 – 8 weeks): You must notify the school directly (via email)

notifying your teacher for any class changes is not acceptable. Your account will be adjusted in accordance.

9. Under no circumstances are payments to be given to Instructors.

10. The Management will make all necessary arrangements to compensate or to carry forward the fee for any group /

private classes canceled by the center.

11. We reserve the right to cancel a lesson for any reason. Our instructors also perform and may have some last-minute

bookings. When possible, we will notify you in advance and payment for canceled lessons will be adjusted.

12. We can substitute Instructors at our discretion.

13. Customers are requested to keep a note of their digital receipt for all payments and emails sent, please contact us

for any disputes.

14. Our school is not always closed on Public holidays and it is the parent’s / Students' responsibility to check the notice

board/ calendar/social media for updates. Missed Sessions will be charged.

Registration Policy

1. Registration fee of OMR 10 applicable on admission. If the student has discontinued for 1 year then a

registration fee would be applicable on re-joining.

2. 50% off registration fee for siblings. (OMR 5 per sibling)

3. Please provide a Picture 2x2, copy of Passport and I.D/Residence Card

4. You receive special rates at our showrooms so ensure to complete registration as soon as possible.

5. Registering for Examinations should be done through the teacher, once approved your details will be given to

our administration to collect payment.

6. Trinity College London exams are paid in cash and not card.

7. Examination accompaniments for Melodious instruments are charged separately.

Books and Material Fees

1. Books/materials will be charged separately based on the student’s level.

2. Books must be purchased as per the teacher’s advice based on our current syllabus.

3. Students are responsible for providing and maintaining your instrument, sheet music, and lesson requirements.Private/ Group Lessons Policy

1. Students must collect the homework and follow up on the missed lesson so as not to fall behind. If the teacher

feels he or she cannot cope they may remove a student and recommend individual sessions.

2. Choir Class is free for Classic Music & Arts Students.

3. Summer Camps are available during the Holidays.

4. Instructors will not provide supervision beyond the time limits of the scheduled lesson. The school and the

teachers only accept responsibility for the safety of pupils once they are under the teachers’ supervision, within

the classroom. Parents should escort children to the lesson, and pick them up at the end of the lesson.

Security and Safety Policy

1. Outside the classroom, we may use CCTV to monitor activity to ensure the safety of all students and visitors.

Children's visits to the toilets are not supervised.

2. One should be responsible for their own property and our Institute cannot be held liable for any damages or


3. We reserve the right to change our fee structure and terms & conditions and will be notified one month in


4. Photography and filming are sometimes used during lessons; the Classic Music & Arts Institute will always request

consent from a parent/guardian of the student before using any material for promotional purposes.

5. You agree not to directly or indirectly solicit Instructor for lessons and acknowledge that such action constitutes a

breach of this Agreement and that Instructor is prevented from conducting lessons for you independently of the


6. Notify the Classic Music & Arts Institute immediately of any changes in contact and/or payment details in writing

to Classic Music & Arts Institute.

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