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Music 4 Kids

Music for Kids is a group class designed to introduce young students to music by learning through play.


Each class will include a wide variety of instruments including drums, shakers, and tambourines with a range of songs to encourage the students to play and sing along.


This is a great introduction to music, rhythm, and sounds. Whist helps the young students to practice co-ordination and even social skills.


Each class is catered to a specific age group and is 45 minutes long.

Parents and guardians must be present to join in our 1–2-year-olds class.


Early Learners

Early Learners is a program designed to introduce students to music and instruments, specifically the piano.


The main aims and objectives of the classes will be to learn how to play the piano by understanding the notes and to learn how to read the notes on the stave. Also, to begin playing pieces with both hands.


Term 1 will consist of 12 weeks of the Early Learners Level 1 program, which will conclude with an internal exam.

Classes are welcome to ages 5.5-6.5 with each class being an hour long.


Little Dancers

The aim of Little Dancers is to introduce younger children to the dance world. Keeping them active and engaged in a fun but rewarding way.


Each week will have a different theme which will be planned accordingly to include a warm-up,

games, and an introduction to choreography followed by a cool-down.


This will also start to teach the children the importance of looking after their bodies and the awareness of their anatomy.

Opening Timings
Sunday - Thursday 10:00am-9.00pm
Saturday 10:00am-6:00pm

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