Rene Gomez achieved his degree in Music from the "Guillermo Tomas in Havana, Cuba, specialized in Saxophone. In 1999 he performed with the Main Orchestra ‘Fesvien’ at the wind instruments festival that was held at the National Theater of Havana where he was viewed live on TV. “He performed with several Canadian Jazz bands and exclusive events such as the Anniversary of the Foundation of Havana City, with Historian, Euseibio Leal, performing traditional Cuban Music.


He also participated in many Cultural Exchange programs with international Bands and Choirs at the Grand Theater. In 2003 he was invited to perform at the 10th anniversary Gala Esti at Havana’s Theater Mella, where he played with the main orchestra. He toured across Cuba for concerts with the Edesio Alejandro band and performed at the Tropicana show orchestra as the Solo Saxophone player. Apart from performing he has experience in composition and in 2004 he prepared a composition and performed for the Jo Jazz Contest. He was the Saxophone teacher for the Paulita Concepcion music school and “Guillermo Tomas" in Havana where he also taught his children musical knowledge, Keyboard and piano. He prepared many students with different ages for exams in order to be selected to enter the National School of Arts in Havana, where they achieved great results.