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General Information

Graded Exams

Trinity College London practical graded exams are numbered from 1 to 8 in increasing order of difficulty.


In many subjects, an Initial exam acts as an introduction to the exam system.


Candidates perform three (or sometimes four) pieces, and technical work featuring scales and arpeggios, exercises or orchestral extracts. They also choose two supporting tests from a selection including sight reading, aural, musical knowledge and improvising.

In the same way, Theory graded exams are also provided following the same system. In this case students will be asked to complete a written exam, no aural/oral training required. 

  • Assessments are strongly performance based

  • Grade exams assess practical performance across repertoire, technical work and supporting tests

  • No theory prerequisites are required for any of Trinity’s performance-based assessments

Assesment Criteria
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