We believe that every musician must understand what they are playing and should not go without a basic concept of music overall to improve with their instrument. We provide different levels of training in groups or individually for Beginners to Advanced level. If music is a passion, then learning how it works is the key to take you further. 
  • How to construct major and minor scales

  • How to identify, analyse, and sing intervals

  • How to identify the tonal center of a song

  • How to build basic major, minor, and dominant seventh chords

  • How to create a common chord progression - the I IV V

  • How to recognize blues and AABA song forms


At Classic Music and Arts we are very flexible and can create lesson plans to suite your needs and requirements. Our composing and arranging courses are created based on your requirements and desires with music covering classical, contemporary and jazz traditons.


The course arrangements would include different repertoire with a mix of music examples.


We focus on basic techniques and writing methods to assist build a base for further studies. 

Things you will learn!

Composing and arranging

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Theory of Music

Beginners - Grade 4

Theory of Music

Beginners - Grade 5

Theory of Music/Harmony & Composition

Grade 5 - Diploma

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