tammam odeh


​In 2013, Tammam was accepted at the Syrian Academy of Music in Damascus,Syria to pursue his musical studies specialized in Harp and in addition to the guitar instrument. During his musical studies at the Syrian Academy, he started to learn on the Piano instrument as a mandatory instrument. In 2014, the management of the Syrian Academy chose Tammam to teach at Solhi- Alwadi institute of  music which is followed the Syrian academy of music and the Ministry of culture to teach Harp and Guitar for ages from 7 to 18, and in addition that he taught at private schools until 1/4 /2019.


During his studies at the Syrian Academy of Music, have played Harp in many concerts at the Syrian Opera House and the on the theater of the Syrian Academy, and he has got an appreciation certificate from the Syrian minster of the culture Issam Khalil, he also got certifications of appreciation from the Syrian Academy of Music.


In 2016, Tammam got an invitation from the American Voices foundation to participate as a composer and instrumentalist in the Yes Academy festival in Lebanon, also he got a course of conducting orchestra, after that he got a certificate of achievement from the foundation.


In 2017, Tammam got an invitation again to participate in Yes Academy festival as an instrumentalist, during that he also participated in composition and playing then, he got a certificate achievement.


Tammam pursued his musical studies on Harp under supervision of the teacher Safana Baqleh, same time  on Guitar, Piano and Conducting.


In 2018, Graduated from the Syrian Academy of Music in a very good degree. After his graduation he applied to study A master degree of music and he is accepted to pursue the musical studies in 2019.


Tammam Has a teaching experience from 2014 to 2019 continuously.