Tunes Oman Open Mic

Open Mic

Open Mic OMAN is an unique event in Muscat founded by Tunes Trading & Services to provide with an live space for performers all age to participate. This FREE event is open to performers and spectators of all levels and interests. Instrumentalists, singers, classical, pop, jazz and much more. Beginning performers, as well as veterans, are encouraged to participate.

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Fahood Street, No 53, Qurum, Muscat|

Mob: 9749 7777

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  • Performances must be no longer than 5 minutes. Poets or spoken word artist can perform for a 4 min time slot unless previously discussed for longer time frame.

  • Performances must be appropriate for a general audience—inclusive of very young children.

  • When you are next please be ready. Your instruments should already be out of their cases and tuned-up. Be ready to take the stage when you are called.

  • Tune-up BEFORE you go on stage. If you have difficulty tuning, don't be embarrassed to ask someone for help. We're all friends here and we want you to sound good!

  • Each performer and group must set up the stage for their act within 90 seconds and clear the stage of their properties within the same amount of time.

  • Be considerate of the other performers.  Please be quiet and show respect for the performers on stage. Do not play instruments while performers are on stage. Applaud for everyone . It provides encouragement and you'll see how good it makes you feel when you perform.

  • Please stay for the performers after yourself. We all like to have an audience and it's all about supporting one another.

GOOD LUCK! And thanks for your support!!
Tunes Oman Open Mic Event