Keren Palomo


Keren Palomo Leyva achieved her Musicology Bachelor Diploma in the Superior Institute of Arts (ISA) in Cuba in 2017. She’s a singer and pianist, with a vast career in both classical and popular music, specializing in choral performance. Her professional career took off in 2012 and from there until now she has participated with distinctive Cuban choirs in both national and international festivals. In 2014, she made her way to the Cuban National Choir, the most important vocal ensemble in the country conducted by Digna Guerra, where she performed up to 2017.


As a teacher, she specializes in both advance piano and vocals private tutoring, as well as Music Theory. Her teaching experience goes back to 2010 when she joined the Elementary Art School in Las Tunas, Cuba, as a Music Theory instructor. During that time, she also taught Universal Music History in the Professional Art School of that same city. Later, in 2013, she trained and conducted the Church Children Choir “Ríos de Agua Viva”, in Granma, Cuba.