Early Learners

Learning  piano and theory of music in a fun way. Interactive games that cover both active listening and performing. Playing and singing popular nursery rhymes. 
  • Where do the notes live? The Stave

  • The Mommy of the notes. Ms Treble Clef

  • The daddy of the notes. Mr Bass Clef

  • Note Values. Semibreve is the longest note, Minim is only 2 counts, Crotchet is only 1 count...really short!

  • Musical Alphabet

  • Each note live in different line and space on the Stave. Notes ́s Rap... EGBDF on the lines FACE in the space.

  • Sometimes the notes are tired...they need a Rest! Semibreve rest, Minim rest, Crotchet rest. 


Things you will learn!

Group age:
5 to 7 years old
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